Shakeology Cups Ideas For Christmas Gifting

Are you looking for a cool gift idea this Christmas season? Ultimate Fitness Gear has been offering gift ideas for the entire family. For those who are looking to stay fit this season or to better their health, they may want to try the Shakeology drink mix. The healthy mix help curb sugar cravings and really does help stop those coffee cravings as well. Just one drink each morning, and within a few weeks you will feel like a completely new person.

shakeology cupsThe drink mix is difficult to stir without creating mess, which is why they came out with the shakeology cups (or shaker cup). These cups are 24 ounces and are BPA free. They are very sturdy and even though the writing on the outside of the cups will eventually wear off, the shaker cups themselves are very high quality. They call them shaker cups because you put the mix inside, close the lid and shake it until its mixed. Trust me, this is a must when you have a drink mix like this.

These cups work great for any kind of whey protein mix. They also can be found at your local health store or fitness store. There are many different designs and styles of these cups, so make sure you know what works best for you. I have found that the bigger 24 oz cups make it easier to mix since they give you extra room to mix the liquid with the healthy mix, such as the shakeology or whey protein powders.